Promoting Sustainable Living While Fighting Poverty

We give people the tools they need for a sustainable lifestyle

Campti Field of Dreams, serving North Louisiana, is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to improving the quality of life of residents in underserved communities through education, economic development, recreational activities and community service. We offer a variety of online and in-person classes to teach sustainable gardening practices and help provide food to underserved communities.

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How we help our community

We host a variety of events and classes throughout the year to bring the community together and promote sustainable living and farming. We provide:

Outreach events-bringing every generation together
Sustainable living classes-helping you grow your own food
Volunteer opportunities-giving back to the environment and the community

With a focus on multiculturalism and inter-generational opportunities, all our events are open to everyone. For more information on our upcoming events and classes, call 318-521-4998 today.

Helping Our Communities Access Clean and Healthy Food

Check out our online organic vegetable production class

Our mission

The mission of Campti Field of Dreams centers on three main points. We work to:


Promote sustainable living and farming


Provide communities with the tools to fight poverty


Improve the quality of life in underserved communities